PostWhat Should I Actually Do?

The main bulk of the SH(I)NE Programme is a perfect basis for fat loss. As you’re working out what works for you. However, this section will give you a little more insight into tweaks you may need to make for fat loss.

First up tracking.

It is up to you whether you decide to track your food and exercise, however if your aim is fat loss I would certainly recommend it initially (and be really honest listing down all the odd bites and sips you have). You can read about the pros and cons here to help you decided. Use the Three Day Diary in Your Workbook if you wish.

Website or apps like My Fitness Pal can be used to enter your food and activity. If you have never done this before this can be really useful to learn which foods are made up of protein, carbohydrate and fat. Just be careful not to get drawn into trying to eat to the recommended calories/macros as they only take into account your age/weight/activity level. Not what your individual body needs. Instead use the steps in this lesson and Knowing What Works for You in order to establish the right food for you.

Activities bands such as Fitbit Flex or Jawbone Up can also be useful to track your steps and so on.

  1. Sleep and Relax

It’s fairly widely accepted that getting enough sleep is a good thing and plays a part in helping us to being healthy, fun, fab women, but it still seems that we often feel we don’t get enough and if sleep’s alluding us it affects all parts of our lives. It also is a great part of the weight loss puzzle and lack of sleep can have us pile on the pounds All in all, not a great outcome!

So, be really honest with yourself. Is your sleep, rest and relaxation enough for your lifestyle? If not, what can you do to improve it? Use Your Relaxation Book to work through this.

2. Nutrition

The nutrition guidance in the main programme is a perfect starting point. However, you may find that you want to remove alcohol entirely at least initially.

For some people alcohol can blunt fat loss completely even when drank in relatively small quantities. After the first 4 weeks you can try to add back in alcohol once a week and monitor what affect this has on your results. If you feel it does blunt your results then you may wish to minimise or remove alcohol.

You may also wish to start the Habit around treats and eating out sooner. It’s not about never having a treat, just about minimising them and being really mindful about when and why you are having it.

If you require some guidance on boundaries you may find it easier to have


•one weekly ‘treat meal’ per week where you can eat anything you like (apart from alcohol) for a two hour period


•two individual treats per week e.g. a packet of crisps, a bar of chocolate or a slice of cake.

Again, this is a personal choice. In order to help you decide it can be useful to think about if there is anything you are really missing? Do you feel deprived? This article might help you think about the pros and cons and therefore which suits you. There is no wrong decision. Just whichever one suits you and your lifestyle best. You can always change your mind if you find it stops working for you, just make sure you complete a full week before changing i.e. you shouldn’t have a treat meal and two treats in one week.

I know it might not be common to hear in the mainstream diet world, but it is very important for you to increase your food once in a while. A treat doesn’t just serve the purpose of helping with willpower and not having any foods totally off limits it also has an important job to play in resetting leptin. Leptin is a hormone, which signals to your body whether it is hungry or not. It’s important to reset this once in a while to help your body work with you

When you are eating your treat, try not to feel guilty during or after. Make sure you pick something you really love and savour every mouthful. If you struggle with this try to remember that it’s important to your progress and also that stressing about it can also increase your cortisol and as we learnt right at the beginning we don’t want that!

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