PostThe School of Balance Approach to Fat Loss

At The School of Balance we don’t believe in eating tasteless foods, depriving yourself for weeks (which undoubtedly will end in a blow out) or food full of artificial sweeteners and chemicals. We believe in food that tastes good and does your body good at the same time.

In contrast to the poor advice from most of mainstream diet industry this programme will focus on making sure your hormones work for you and that you are able to eat tasty, nutritious food without constantly counting calories or points.

How is The School of Balance Different?

Mainstream diet plans will tell you WHAT to do, whereas The School of Balance will teach you HOW to work out what your body needs.

There is only one rule – Do What Works For You

There is always a lot of publicity about the latest diet plans or ways of eating. Here at The School of Balance, we’re not Team Paleo or Team Vegan or anything in between (side note: there is nothing wrong with either of these approaches IF they work for you). Both of these (and the majority of all weight loss plans) can be very healthy or extremely unhealthy. It all depends on how you implement them and if they work for you. You need and ideal lifestyle for YOU.

In working out your ideal lifestyle start by throwing out everything you think to be true. Everything we’ve been taught over the years isn’t (necessarily) true. It’s all upside down.

It is not as simple as calories out needing to be equal to or less than calories in. Thinking it’s all about calories is simply wrong. It ignores the impact of our hormones our bodies require a hormonal balance in order to be happy little bunnies. It’s also not as simple as cutting out fat or carb or sugar (some people may need to for sure, but others won’t).

  • Just because it’s healthy doesn’t mean it will make your body feel good or make you lose/maintain weight
  • Just because research says it’s a superfood/will make you lose weight/will help you fly to the moon, doesn’t mean it will for you
  • Just because it worked for your friend/mum/dog/some random blogger doesn’t mean it’ll work for you (remember the ‘we are all different’ point earlier).

The only truth is your body knows best, so DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU!

What Mainstream Weight Loss Plans Miss

One thing many mainstream weight loss plans or diets fail to mention is the importance of lifestyle in addition to the food you are eating and the exercise you are doing. It’s really important to consider rest and relaxation. Stress and sleep may not have any calories but they have a big impact on the way our hormones work for (or against) us when trying to burn fat. They also impact our willpower and our ability to stick to our goals.

Once you have your sleep and stress under control the next most important thing is nutrition. If you can’t manage anything else in this programme focus on getting your nutrition as close to this guide as possible. In fat loss, once sleep and relaxation are taken care of, food is the major control and exercise is merely the fine tuning. By implementing this food plan and keeping your nutrition tight you will make good progress even without all of the exercise. Think of the exercise as a bonus!

Exercise (or not)

I know many plans wouldn’t say this, but there are times when you most definitely are better to miss a workout. Sometimes an hour of sleep or having a massage will be more beneficial than hitting the gym, particularly if you are working long days, travelling a lot or staying away from home. The ‘Go Hard or Go Home’ movement are correct in one sense, but have missed something. If you are being lazy or just don’t quite feel like it then yes you should go and workout, but if you are genuinely tired (big project deadline anyone?!) then it’s best to take a break. Whilst exercise can be a great stress reliever when you are super stressed it can be counter productive.

How do you know?

If you really don’t know if you’re being a little lazy or genuinely too tired this trick is great – try 5 mins if you still feel exhausted then it’s not a day for a workout.

Fat Loss NOT Weight Loss

From now on I will also start to talk about fat loss rather than weight loss. The reason for this is that this programme will prioritise the lose of fat rather than simply losing weight. When you just lose weight the weight lost could be fat or muscle which you definitely don’t want! Muscle gives you shape and boosts your metabolism.

This group of lessons will provide all of the information you need to live a fat loss lifestyle, without losing your all important muscle.

The Priorities

For Fat Loss the priority is:

1. Sleep, rest and relaxation

2. Hydration and Nutrition

3. Exercise

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